CIEH makes an appearance on ITV current affairs show

Noise was recently the subject du jour for ITV’s current affairs programme ‘Tonight’ with the CIEH’s Howard Price making a star appearance. 

Howard Price on ITV 

To take a look at the programme click here and for Howard’s star appearance, scroll to 22 minutes. 

With the knowledge that the UK is heading for some significant infrastructure projects and fracking applications over the next few years, on Friday 11 September ITV’s Tonight programme looked at what impact these schemes will have on local residents in terms of noise.  

The programme suggests that noise is thought to cause over 43,000 hospital admissions and 10,000 premature deaths across Europe every year.

The CIEH’s noise expert, Principal Policy Officer Howard Price, added to the debate by talking about how environmental health officers (EHOs) are involved in planning processes for new homes, to help mitigate against any stresses caused by noise in the construction process.

Howard also added a cautionary note that it is EHOs who investigate the noise consequences after the builders have downed their tools and people start to live in the new homes.  

Noise is an unavoidable part of everyday human life and it is the job of the environmental health practitioner to ensure the degree of noise in the environment around us remains at a level that is not harmful to health.

To find out more about the CIEH’s position noise, click here.

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