CIEH is seeking your views to assist with response to PHE review

The Government is undertaking a review of Public Health England (PHE) and the CIEH is asking the environmental health community to provide their thoughts in order to feed into the CIEH’s final consultation response.  


The ‘tailored review’ is being led by the Department of Health and they are looking at PHE’s performance and effectiveness, efficiency, and governance.

PHE has been selected to be reviewed as Cabinet Office guidance has recommend Government departments review their ‘arm’s length’ bodies at least once every Parliament.

The CIEH intends to submit its thoughts to the review considering that PHE is a close stakeholder and would appreciate receiving any information the environmental health community is able to provide, preferably using the format in the online questionnaire.  

The Department of Health states that “the views of stakeholders are a vital source of evidence to support analysis” and CIEH Policy Officer, Ian Gray, will be collating all responses in order to compile a final submission from the CIEH.

There is no need to answer all of the questions unless you wish to do so but for those which you do complete, please provide evidence to support your answers wherever possible.

The deadline to submit your response to the CIEH is 5pm on Wednesday 22 June and should be sent to Ian Gray via email.

Useful background information can be found in the following documents:

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