Generation Rent secures £18,000 in fundraising campaign

Generation Rent has raised enough money to continue campaigning for private renters across the UK, securing nearly £18,000 in donations. 

The organisation, a close stakeholder of the CIEH and leading campaigner for decent and affordable private rented homes in sustainable communities, launched their emergency crowdfunding campaign at the end of July following a sudden cut in its grant funding.


Poor Housing 


During the campaign, Generation Rent was awarded a grant from the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust of £45,500 to support the organisation’s work in London and secured a further £17,982, the majority of the money coming from individual supporters.

The CIEH is backing Generation Rent’s campaign to stay afloat because the CIEH shares many of their objectives, including ensuring there are professionally managed, secure, decent and affordable rented homes in the private sector.

Since Generation Rent launched in March 2014, they have campaigned successfully to outlaw revenge evictions and cut landlord tax breaks, as well as putting housing at the centre of the General Election campaign.

The funds raised by Generation Rent will allow them to continue their work, which includes empowering renters to put pressure on Parliament, London mayoral candidates and local councils, as well as applying for grants and building a sustainable organisation.

Generation Rent believe their work is still unfinished reporting on their website that there are millions of private renters who are still handing over more than half of their income to their landlord, face the prospect of losing their home with two months’ notice and often live in damp, draughty and dangerous properties.

Bob Mayho, Principal Policy Officer for the CIEH, said: “Generation Rent is extremely important for people who rent in the private sector and in a very short amount of time, has secured many victories, most notably they have been an extremely effective voice for the rights and needs of tenants.

“It is imperative that Generation Rent can continue to campaign on behalf of renters as without them more pressure will fall on other, already hard-pressed organisations that broadly represent the interests of tenants, such as Crisis and Shelter.”

The crowdfunding campaign was hosted by People’s Republic, who waived their fees, and Betsy Dillner, Director for Generation Rent, said: “A month ago our future looked very bleak, with no guarantee that we would be able to survive past September. The team here has thrown everything we had at fundraising and we have been humbled by the response.

“It is an incredible feeling to see the number of people and organisations with the confidence in us to donate to keep us in existence. We now have a big task to keep representing the growing private renter population and we will continue to rely on people power for our success.”

For more information on the campaign or if you would like to provide your support, click here.

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