Children are the future - CIEH supports World Environmental Health Day 2015

This Saturday (26 September) marks World Environmental Health Day 2015 with this year’s theme focusing on protecting children’s health and wellbeing.  

World EH day 

World Environmental Health Day is an annual event and is led by one of the CIEH’s key stakeholders, the International Federation of Environmental Health (IFEH), an organisation which aims to disseminate knowledge concerning environmental health and promote co-operation between countries on a global scale.

This year’s theme of Children’s Health & Safety and the Protection of their Environment was chosen because there is the wide-held belief that the foundations of good health and wellbeing are set at the beginning of life and therefore encouraging good public health must equally start before birth, in addition to promoting through childhood and the teenage years into young adult hood.

Children are one of the most vulnerable sections of society and in comparison to adults, they have less resistance to infection, poor diet and nutrition, chemical contaminants, air pollution from traffic as well as air pollution in general. Furthermore, children are at higher risks in terms of injury from accidents at home and traffic accidents.

The CIEH this year is supporting this international event through:

  • Stimulating debate and share experiences to get CIEH’s members to start thinking about the key issues that affect children’s health and wellbeing through the CIEH resource MyCIEH 
  • Briefing school governors and promoting the positive role of environmental health
  • Helping to raise awareness of events in connection with World Environmental Health Day 2015, being led by the CIEH’s International Specialist Interest Group and the CIEH’s Cheshire Branch 
  • Supporting the UK’s representation at the IFEH Summit in Portugal  (22 to 26 September) which is focusing on students and young people
  • Promoting the online course for environmental health professionals: Improving the Health of Women, Children and Adolescents: from Evidence to Action  

Sharon Smith, Regional Stakeholder Manager for the CIEH, said: “We know that children are particularly vulnerable to adverse environmental and behavioral factors and our daily work as Environmental Health Practitioners plays a great part in supporting their health and wellbeing, starting from before birth right through into young adulthood.

“We therefore welcome the timely theme of this year’s World Environmental Health day and strongly urge all our members across the globe to get involved in our activities linked to the day.”

For further information about CIEH activities in connection with World Environmental Health Day 2015, email Sharon Smith.


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