Corporates surveyed for their views on training

The CIEH has sent out a survey to its corporate clients seeking their thoughts on training requirements and how important it is to their business.  

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Launched in August, the survey was originally sent to a randomly selected list of 1,000 corporate clients with the aim of helping the CIEH determine trends and developments in the training and qualifications market.

The survey is still running and we are welcoming additional corporate organisations to take part and let us know their views on training. There is also the opportunity of winning a £50 John Lewis for taking part.

The survey consisted of 30 short questions, such as:

  • How much do you spend on your training budget as a % of turnover?
  • Do you think all training will soon be electronic-based?
  • How often do you train your staff and does it form part of staff induction?
  • Does your board see training as a compliance cost?
  • Does training benefit your business?
  • Should your business and the wider industry partake in more training?

All responses are submitted in confidence and will be analysed with a view to use the intelligence for future strategies and product development.

The results will also be used by the CIEH through a concerted campaign to demonstrate to businesses and the wider public how training is viewed on a corporate level.

To take part in the survey click here and for further information, contact Steven Fifer.

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