How can CIEH better help you?

As part of its ongoing commitment to develop the environmental health profession, CIEH is conducting a survey to ask every single member how it can better help and support them. 


As the leading professional body for environmental health professionals (EHPs), CIEH is obligated to support and help its members develop and improve their skills and learning development. That’s whether you’re a student taking your first steps into environmental health or in the middle of your career looking to get into senior management.

To help find out exactly who CIEH’s members are and what they would like to see the organisation do in order to improve their future prospects, CIEH has appointed YouGov to conduct a survey on its behalf in order to capture members’ thoughts.

The survey is one of the key activities connected with the Market Research Sprint, one of many short projects forming part of the overall strategy programme, and will help CIEH understand exactly what it needs to do to better support members. 

In appointing an external third party to conduct the survey, a landmark development for the organisation, CIEH wants to capture unbiased feedback that has been verified by one of the leading market research companies in the UK.

Kim Willis, Project Lead for the Market Research Sprint, said: “The survey will be sent to you by YouGov rather than CIEH and when it lands in your inbox, we encourage all of our members to take their time and complete it.

“This is your chance to tell us exactly what you think about the organisation, the issues that matter to you and how CIEH can improve its services so that we can better serve our members.”

The survey is voluntary and once you have submitted your answers, all data collected and the analysis will be handled independently by YouGov to mitigate bias.

Please be assured that your answers will be entirely anonymous and the deadline to complete is 15 August 2016. 

If you have any thoughts on the survey, please email

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