Climate Change and its Health Implications

Published: November 2008

ISBN: 978-1-906989-02-6

Topic(s): Public health

Type(s): Report


A summary report for environmental health practitioners on the health implications of climate change

This report presents information and strategies on climate change for those working in environmental health in the United Kingdom.

It examines the links between weather and climate change and explains how future climate change is predicted. It provides a summary of the main indicators of climate change and projected regional changes and presents an overview of the health impacts. It outlines the various approaches being taken to mitigate climate change and suggests how we might adapt to it. It suggests a number of topics for case studies on effects and adaptation.

Above all, it attempts to identify some of the early actions that need to be taken, including the relatively low cost of preparing plans and information for floods, heat waves, droughts and windstorms.

The report was prepared for the CIEH by Dr Rosalind Stanwell-Smith, an independent public health consultant with experience in working at national, regional and district level in public health, including contribution to reports by the World Health Organisation and the Department of Health on the possible health impacts of climate change.

This publication is a companion volume to “Climate Change, Public Health and Health Inequalities – a resource for environmental health practitioners.” 

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