Climate Change, Public Health and Health Inequalities - A resource for environmental health practitioners

Published: November 2008

ISBN: 978-1-904306-95-5

Topic(s): Public health

Type(s): Professional Guidance


There is a growing body of information and evidence on the health impacts of climate change. As well as having direct effects on health such as those relating to rising temperatures, increased flooding and more infectious disease, climate change also contributes towards widening the gap in health inequalities.

Environmental health practitioners have the essential skills and expertise to make an important contribution to tackling the health effects of climate change. In order to assist them in addressing the challenges posed, the CIEH is developing a series of resources to provide motivation and support to the profession.

This publication is a companion volume to the report Climate Change and its Health Implications. It sets out the key arguments surrounding climate change and calls upon local authorities, in particular, to take action. It gives examples of what they can do to combat the impacts of climate change and contains a comprehensive list of further information sources.

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