Environmental health - A new relationship for regulators

Published: July 2011

ISBN: n/a

Topics: General Environmental Health

Types: Policy Document


Environmental health practitioners have involvement in regulatory relationships in a wide range of settings. Some work for national regulators like the Food Standards Agency, the Health & Safety Executive and the Health Protection Agency. Others work for businesses and other organisations in roles wholly or partly responsible for ensuring regulatory compliance. Still others work for local authorities in regulatory functions.

These various regulatory activities fulfil a number of public policy objectives, including public protection, fair business competition and environmental stewardship. They arise in most walks of life – air quality, carbon emissions, contaminated land, food safety, health protection, housing conditions, noise and other nuisance, pest control, pollution control, public health, smokefree public places, workplace safety and health and wellbeing are all examples.

The purpose of this pamphlet is to affirm the importance of regulatory activities, show that a significant number of people and organisations contribute to effective regulatory compliance and also to point the way to a new relationship between regulators and those they regulate in future which will enhance the objectives of public protection, fair competition and environmental stewardship.

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