Healthy People: Healthy Planet - a decade of progress in health

Published: November 2003

ISBN: 1-904306-38-1

Topic(s): General environmental health

Type(s): Policy report


Sustainable development and public health share much the same goals. This report, prompted by the tenth anniversary of Agenda 21 – the Rio Accord - examines the links between environmental quality and health, seeking to encourage practitioners seeking those goals to co-operate as effectively as possible. Written by Chris Church, it notes the successes achieved by such co-operation to date but concentrates on other areas where environmental and health organisations have struggled including transport, food, rural development and climate change; in each, there are clear and urgent health links. In doing so, it also examines the role of key agencies and their potential for delivering better inter-disciplinary work and, not least, the potential for that from the National Health Service (NHS) itself.

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