Noise Council code of practice on environmental noise at concerts

Published: 1995

ISBN: 0 900103 51 5

Topic(s): Environmental protection

Type(s): Professional guidance


Large music events involving high powered amplification give pleasure to thousands of people each year. However, the noise from these events can cause disturbance to those living in the vicinity. The purpose of this code is to provide guidance on how such disturbance or annoyance can be minimised.

Various guidelines and criteria are described in the code, covering a range of events from a single concert to a full season. Compliance with the guidelines and the other criteria given will enable successful concerts to be held whilst keeping to a minimum the disturbance caused by the noise.

First published in 1995, the code does not take account of the Licensing Act 2003 and, until it is possible to up-date it, it should only be used with caution.

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