Our health, our wellbeing: Environmental health - securing a healthier future for all

Published: May 2012


Topic(s): General Environmental Health

Type(s): Compendium of case studies


In this publication, the CIEH draws together case studies and interventions collected from environmental health practitioners around England demonstrating good practice in the promotion of health and wellbeing in local communities. They cover the traditional areas of environmental health such as food safety, occupational health and safety and environmental protection as well as new challenges that face the profession such as increasing obesity and the health impacts of climate change.

The good practice examples in this document have been segmented into the four domains set out in the Public Health Outcomes Framework for England 2013 – 2016:

DOMAIN 1: Improving the wider determinants of health
Objective: Improvements against wider factors that affect health and wellbeing, and health inequalities

>DOMAIN 2: Health improvement
Objective: People are helped to live healthy lifestyles, make healthy choices and reduce health inequalities

DOMAIN 3: Health protection
Objective: The population’s health is protected from major incidents and other threats, while reducing health inequalities

DOMAIN 4: Healthcare public health and preventing premature mortality
Objective: Reduced numbers of people living with preventable ill health and people dying prematurely, while reducing the gap between communities.

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