Agendas for Change - Report of the Environmental Health Commission

Published: July 1997

ISBN: 0900103035

Topics: Environmental Health

Types: Report  



In 1996 the Chartered Institute established a Commission on Environmental Health to undertake a broad review of environmental health and to make recommendations for its future development in the United Kingdom.

In its report the Commission called for the reintegration of environment and health policies which it felt had drifted apart. It made recommendations for organisational change at local, national and international level to improve environmental health and stressed the importance of recognising the inequities in environmental quality and health associated with the widening gap between rich and poor.



(NB. Scanned from original printed copy)

Cover, contents and foreword 

Chapters 1-4 


The Need for Change
Approaches to Environmental Health
Challenges, Dangers and Opportunities – A 2020 Vision
Agendas for Change


Chapters 5-7, References, Appendices, Recommendations  


A New Framework for Environmental Health
Turning Principles into Practice: Some Examples
The Next Step
Appendices incl. Recommendations



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