Encouraging healthier takeaways in low-income communities

Published: October 2014


Topic(s): Public Health

Type(s): Professional Guidance


The increasing consumption of unhealthy food eaten outside of the home is one of the key factors contributing to the obesity epidemic. This has led to a variety of public health responses including initiatives designed to encourage food businesses to adopt healthier menus and catering practices. Takeaways are notorious for serving unhealthy foods that are both convenient and affordable. They tend to be particularly concentrated in deprived areas where obesity levels are highest, and adopting an approach to help tackle them has proven to be difficult.

Prepared by Cities Institute at London Metropolitan University, this toolkit adopts a business perspective and focuses on healthier catering interventions and business models that can work in low income communities. It provides case studies of successful healthier catering initiatives around the UK, and of businesses that are offering healthier choices while still managing to remain profitable.

The CIEH was a partner in the project.

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