CIEH guidance on enforcement of excess cold hazards in England

Published: July 2011

ISBN: n/a

Topic(s): Housing

Type(s): Professional Guidance


The aim of this publication is to assist private sector housing enforcement officers to identify and deal with excess cold hazards under Part 1 of the Housing Act 2004.

It reviews the legislative basis for excess cold assessments within the existing legal framework and looks at the assessment of the hazard of excess cold, having regard to the guidance set out in the HHSRS Operating Guidance. It suggests an enforcement approach to the hazard excess cold, highlighting a range of measures that councils could reasonably require in enforcing improvements under the provisions of Part 1 Housing Act 2004.

BRE Excess Cold Calculator

To assist EHPs and Technical Officers in assessing excess cold hazards, the CIEH has supported the BRE to develop an Excess Cold Calculator tool. When provided with details about the dwelling and its occupants the Calculator provides an estimate of the likely running costs and an assessment of the adequacy of the heating system provided. It can then be used to determine possible improvement measures in order to consider suitable remedial action and to assist in the calculation of its cost-effectiveness. The tool is available to local authorities at

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