Reviewing human health risk assessment reports invoking contaminant oral bioavailability measurements or estimates

Published: June 2009

ISBN: n/a

Topic(s): Environmental Protection

Type(s): Professional Practice Note


Under Part 2A of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, local authorities are given a duty to determine land as “contaminated land” where there exists “significant harm...or...the significant possibility of such harm” arising from the intake etc. of chemicals or other substances in, on or under the land (an “unacceptable intake”).

In the course of development control, potential developers are required to provide evidence to local planning authorities that, as a minimum, their land will not be determinable as “contaminated” on completion of the development. Invoking measurements or estimates of oral contaminant bioavailability during the assessment process can help clarify the risks from contamination. The purpose of this note is to assist local authorities in assessing such data where it is submitted to them in conjunction with third-party site reports.

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