Safety Advisory Groups and Event Planning: Supporting the environmental health contribution

Published: November 2010


Topic(s): Health and Safety, Licensing

Type(s): Professional Guidance


This document aims to set out how Safety Advisory Groups (SAGs) sometimes also known as Operational Management Groups, Public Event Safety Groups or Event Safety Advisory Groups, can be utilised as a tool in planning the safety of community events and other similar public mass gatherings.

The guidance is primarily aimed at the smaller non certified sports grounds and the range of public and community events that may require either licensing or for the smaller events notified via a Temporary Event Notice. The type of community events that may benefit from a SAG include, outdoor festivals, county shows, community events and specialist shows such as gymkhanas, dog shows, carnivals, processions, travelling fairs. It aims to provide a general framework for setting up a SAG or similar multi partner forum and to highlight how environmental health professionals can contribute to the process. The document sets out templates for terms of reference for such a group, composition and partner involvement. It clarifies the role that environmental health can make towards the setting up and implementation of these groups.

The document aims to stimulate discussion and may be adapted to reflect local and event specific requirements. It is not intended to stand alone but should be read in conjunction with the relevant legislation and wider industry and professional guidance.

The document has been prepared in consultation with the London Boroughs Olympic Consortia and the Olympic Park SAG (SAGOP),representatives of the Core Cities Group, National Joint Chairs and Northern Safety of Sports Grounds, Football Licensing Authority and has been produced in consultation with environmental health professionals with specific experience in working with SAGs and similar type groups including Swindon Borough Council, Belfast City Council, Westminster City Council, Gosport Borough Council.

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