Implementation of smokefree legislation in England: Guidance for local council regulatory officers. 2nd edition

Published: January 2008


Topics: Health and Safety / Public Health

Types: Professional Guidance


The purpose of this guidance, produced by the CIEH, TSI and Lacors, is to support council regulatory officers in continuing to successfully implement the smokefree legislation which came into force in England on 1 July 2007.

As with all legislation, there is always the opportunity for local interpretation and application according to local circumstances. However, in the light of the extensive business and public interest that has been expressed about these requirements, it is particularly important to continue to ensure a consistent approach to the application of the legislation so that both employees and members of the public are properly protected and businesses across England will consider that they are being treated fairly. The guidance aims to assist councils in achieving this.

This edition replaces the previous version issued in March 2007.

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