The CIEH Survey of Local Authority Regulatory Activity under The Housing Act 2004 – Results of a Questionnaire Survey

Published: February 2008

ISBN: 13: 978 1 904306 74 0

Topic(s): Health and safety

Type(s): Professional guidance


This report presents the results of a survey commissioned by the CIEH from the University of Warwick into levels of regulatory activity in the private rented sector following the introduction of the Housing Act 2004.

In particular the CIEH was keen to see whether the introduction of the Housing Health and Safety Rating System as a new method for determining the suitability of accommodation for human habitation was affecting levels of enforcement, following concerns expressed in some quarters that the new system might be too complex.

The survey revealed that there was no obvious reduction in regulatory activity as the result of changes in the legislation in those Local Housing Authorities (LHAs) which responded. The report also looks at the factors influencing the decision to take enforcement action and at the issue of charging for enforcement.

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