Water Poverty in England and Wales

Published: July 2002

ISBN: n/a

Topic(s): Environmental protection

Type(s): Report


Published jointly with the Centre for Utility Consumer Law under the auspices of the Public Utlities Access Forum (PUAF)

This report outlines the results of an examination undertaken by the CIEH and the Centre for Utility Consumer Law at the University of Leicester into the issue of water charging in England and Wales in 2002. Focussing on unmeasured charges and adopting the government’s approach to domestic fuels, the examination concluded that between 2 and 4 million households were paying a disproportionate amount for water services, with some of the most vulnerable in the highest cost areas paying a double digit percentage of their net incomes. The report emphasised the lack of assistance for such households at the time and made recommendations to the government for improving the situation.

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