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Explore the CIEH Professional Standards

Setting the gold standard for environmental health.

If you work in environmental health, our Professional Standards will help you to achieve the highest level of competent and professional practice which CIEH, regulators and the public expect.

What are the CIEH Professional Standards?

The Professional Standards sit at the heart of everything we do. We use them to drive assessment, accreditation and recognition in order to shape the profession and build resilience for the future world of work.

  • Professional commitment
    Every day environmental health professionals make important decisions that affect people's lives. We need to be confident that those practitioners we recognise are committed and practising at the highest possible standard.
  • Professional behaviours
    An environmental health practitioner needs a set of specific professional behaviours to enable them to occupy the critical role of facilitating change, determining health impacts and collaborating between partners. 
  • Technical expertise
    The threshold competencies comprising knowledge, application and professional practice. See more about our competency framework.
  • Critical thinking
    Objective analysis and evaluation of issues to make well-informed judgements.
  • Collaboration
    Working with others to achieve desired goals.
  • Organisational awareness
    Understanding the workings of both internal and other external organisations.
  • Leadership
    Inspiring others to achieve a common vision.

How do I use them?

As a professional, these standards are a benchmark for professionalism, progression, and for providing the best possible service. Remember, your employers will likely be holding you to the same standards in your day-to-day work.

As a member, you can be assessed against these standards to progress through our different membership grades, gain CIEH qualifications and enable continuing professional development.

As an employer, you can use them to inform recruitment, assess training needs and set a code of conduct and professionalism for your employees.

Your standards

The CIEH Professional Standards were made for our members by our members. When we set out to create these best practice guidelines, we ran consultations with our members, and used their valuable contributions to help shape the final set of agreed standards.

We want to make sure that we’re always representing your interests. Have your say about the CIEH Professional Standards by contacting us.