CIEH to launch training qualifications in Malaysia with seminar to boost food safety standards across Asia

Publication Date: 11th March 2014

Subject: Food safety

The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) will launch its food safety training in Malaysia on Wednesday 12 March, the organisation announced today.

Pillsbury Consulting Malaysia will be the first registered centre to offer the CIEH’s food safety qualifications to the retail and hospitality sector.

The seminar “Promoting Best Practice in Food Safety” will take place at the Royale Chulan Hotel in Kuala Lumpur this week for an expected 150 delegates.

Executive Director of Commercial Services, Frank Post, who is responsible for food safety training activity in Asia Pacific, will be the main speaker presenting a seminar focusing on developments within global food safety as well as outlining the UK’s experience of public and environmental health.

Mr Post will also share the CIEH’s experiences in their advisory role in the delivery of a safe 2012 Olympics in London.

Commenting, Mr Post, said:

“Over the past couple of years the CIEH has been working with a wide variety of partners globally to promote the benefits of food safety and hygiene. Launching in Malaysia represents an important strategic move for us, cementing our presence in this dynamic and enterprising part of the world.

“As an organisation the CIEH has made a significant contribution to improving environmental and public health in the UK and we are delighted to share and export our expertise. Unity is strength.

“Most importantly, we believe our relationship in Malaysia can act as a template for further agreements where we can advise partners to improve food safety and performance, comply with legal requirements and achieve internationally-recognised standards of best practice.”

The seminar will be supported by Pillsbury Consulting Malaysia in partnership with Einterex.

The CIEH already accredits degree courses in Malaysian universities and has links with the Malaysian Association of Environmental Health many of whom are also members of the CIEH.

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