CIEH announces creation of new membership organisation

Publication Date: 10th April 2014

Subject: Food safety

CIEH chief executive Graham Jukes has announced the creation of a new CIEH membership organisation, the Institute of Food Safety, Integrity & Protection (IFSIP) to represent the growing community of people who work in food safety throughout the food chain. Mr Jukes was speaking in front of an international audience of 350 food specialists from 30 countries at a conference at Queen’s University, Belfast, on Tuesday 8 April.

This new membership organisation will be of specific interest to anyone specialising in food safety who are not currently CIEH members. Existing CIEH members will receive complimentary IFSIP membership.

Chief Executive Graham Jukes, OBE, said: ‘Modern food production, manufacture and delivery systems to the consumer are increasingly complex and that was illustrated by the horsemeat problems we experienced last year, highlighted by the Elliott Review interim report.

‘In part, and in response to Elliott’s conclusion, we have created a much broader professional body that seeks to engage with all those who work with food safety and integrity throughout the food chain. This will be of interest to many of our Registered Trainers and Centres with a focus on food safety.

‘The CIEH and IFSIP will work with government agencies, regulators, the food industry and other professional bodies to support the coordination of good practice and standards in an ever changing world.’

The new membership organisation will officially launch at the Annual CIEH Food Safety Conference in London on 18 June, the start of National Food Safety Week.

IFSIP membership will offer knowledge and good practice, professional membership grades, collaboration and networking, and events.

Professor Chris Elliott, professor of food safety and director of the Institute for Global Food Security will be the first chair of the IFSIP advisory board.

Professor Elliott is currently leading an independent review into the integrity and assurance of food supply networks jointly commissioned by the Department of Health and the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

Register your interest in becoming a member of IFSIP.

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