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Remote work-based training

Continue your training using a virtual classroom or meeting set-up.

Remote work-based training is now permitted using a virtual classroom or meeting set-up (with the exception of First Aid due to the practical element of the qualification). This is a temporary measure that gives you the option to continue with your training and allows your learners to obtain their qualifications.

We understand that training will play a key role in helping to keep the public safe during this period, and that many Training Accounts rely on training provision to keep their businesses running.

Training can take place remotely using your preferred remote webinar / meeting / classroom software which may include:

Assessments are allowed to take place over a video connection, however this will need to be a one-to-one connection.

To allow remote assessment, trainers will need to follow these steps:

  • Allocate a slot to each candidate on the course within two days of the training (exceptions may be allowed on a case-by-case basis if someone contracts the illness)
  • At the designated time, screenshare the assessment to the candidate while both are online using the system
  • Ask the candidate to read through the question and vocalise the correct answer. The candidate can make notes as they may wish to revisit a question
  • Fill out the answer sheet
  • Process the assessment as normal

Please be reminded that it is your responsibility to manage the integrity of the assessment. There are two question papers available, so you may wish to alternate those between candidates, or use any of the work-based learning question papers that have been available previously.

Our e-learning platform will be available as an alternative option for the assessment at no additional cost. To use this option you will need to advise us by email of the names of the candidates and the qualification being assessed at least two days in advance of the examination date. You must have the appropriate assessment credits available. We will then provide you with the relevant access details for each learner. Once complete we will enter the results on your behalf and the certificates will be issued in the regular manner.

Get in touch

If you are already delivering virtual training with us, we welcome any feedback you may have that will help us to improve our service and ensure that it works for you and your candidates. If you would like to start delivering virtual training, please contact us so that we can discuss the available options and how we can best support you.

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