World Environmental Health Day 2017

This year, the International Federation of Environmental Health has chosen indoor and outdoor air quality for the theme of its World Environmental Health Day. The CIEH has been incredibly active in this area of policy in 2017. Poor air quality is a major public health problem and as part of our campaign for better air quality, we have:

  • Published an updated Policy Statement on Air Quality 
  • Established an Air Quality Advisory Panel, made up of EHPs representing different industries, sectors and parts of the country
  • Joined the Healthy Air Campaign collation calling for a new Clean Air Act
  • Assisted the Chief Medical Officer to write her annual report for 2017 which will be focussed on pollution
  • Become a member of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Air Pollution

We continue to campaign on this issue and to celebrate World Environmental Health Day, we have prepared the following resources. 


   WEHD Webcast  Peter Archer     Blog   
  Watch our seminar on Air Quality. You can also download the presentations  Hear a word from IFEH president, Peter Archer    Read our blog about the importance of improving air quality   


Additional resources

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