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Training and qualifications

We are the UK’s leading Awarding Organisation for vocational qualifications in food safety, health and safety and environmental protection qualifications.

Whatever your training challenge, our winning combination of experience, innovation, classroom-based training, eLearning and blended learning makes us the ideal partner for you.

Discover CIEH and find the right training solution to transform you and your organisation.


“Investment in our staff is a key priority. Training is important to help retain staff, improve morale and maintain an able-bodied and motivated workforce. Our partnership with the CIEH ensures we comply with legal requirements and create a safe work environment using a credible and trusted brand.”
Michael Allsey, DHL 

“CIEH qualifications provide P&O Cruises with a great platform for staff training. We work with CIEH because of their prestigious reputation, their reliable service and their consistent product quality.”
Carnival UK  

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Qualifications and Courses 

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