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Past Presidents of CIEH

A full list of all CIEH’s Presidents.

A history of CIEH Presidents from 1883 to present​​.

Years in office Name
1883-1890 Sir Edwin Chadwick
1890-1896 Sir Benjamin Ward Richardson
1896-1899 Sir John Hutton
1899-1901 Sir Hugh Gilzean Read
1901-1921 Sir James Crichton-Browne
1921-1926 Sir William J. Collins
1926-1938 Sir Leonard Hill
1938-1952 J. C. Dawes
1952-1956 Lord Milner of Leeds
1956-1957 Sir Ivor Jennings
1957-1960 Lord Bossom of Maidstone
1960-1963 Rt. Hon James Griffiths
1963-1966 Arthur Blenkinsop
1966-1967 Robert Mathew
1967-1970 John Graham
1970-1971 Eldon Griffiths
1971-1974 E.M Birtwistle
1974-1976 John Marriott
1977-1979 E. N. Wakelin
1980-1983 Albert (Mick) Archer
1984-1986 Roy Emerson
1987-1990 Eric W. Foskett
1991-1993 John W. Tiffney
1993-1996 Andrew E. J. Banfield
1996-1999 Alan M. T. Johnson
1999-2001 David Purchon
2002-2004 Brian Hanna
2004-2007 Alan M. Higgins
2008-2011 Dr Stephen A. Battersby
2012-2014 Janet Russell
2015-2017 Tim Everett
2018-2020 Dawn Welham
2021-present Julie Barratt
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