The importance of good health and safety

Following health and safety best practice is not only vital for managing and minimising risks to ensure a safe environment, but it's also essential for adhering to government regulations.

Health and safety statistics from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE)

Health and safety statistics from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE)

In addition to the danger to public health, there are large fines in place for non-compliance, alongside risks to the success and reputation of an organisations' business. It is therefore essential that you, and the people you work with, are equipped with the right skills and knowledge, and to the standards we set as the UK's only chartered body for environmental health.

Why choose CIEH?

Whether learning about identifying risks, hazards and the roles and responsibilities within an organisation, or supporting the implementation of safety processes and procedures, our Level 1 to 3 courses are designed by subject-matter experts and are a must for those wanting to achieve operational excellence. We offer courses at different levels to suit a variety of needs and roles within an organisation, supporting health and safety inductions all the way through to total health and safety management.

Engaging work-based format

Our work-based learning (WBL) offers engaging presentations including animation and imagery, with a logical flow and structure of information. WBL enables live conversations and engagement between trainer and trainees.

Did you know we also offer health and safety e-Learning courses? With an easy-to-use learning management system and the flexibility to learn anytime and anywhere, our e-Learning courses may be a fantastic additional resource for your organisation. Visit our health and safety online training page now to find out more.

Written by experts

Our training is written in partnership with subject matter experts including environmental health professionals, and peer reviewed to ensure accuracy.

Designed for an engaging and positive learner experience

We pride ourselves on prioritising the learning experience, considering how to optimise our content to ensure engaging material and a logical content structure.

Supporting materials available

When you purchase any CIEH training course, you will receive a set of in-depth training materials, including slides, activity sheets, textbooks and test sheets. Take a look at our sample course books for Introductory Occupational Health and Safety, Foundation Occupational Health and Safety and Intermediate Occupational Health and Safety.

The CIEH Introductory Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety provides an awareness of key health and safety issues, and the part that workers should play in keeping themselves and others free from harm at work.

Who is this course for?

  • Employees of all levels that need an awareness of health and safety
  • New workers required to take health and safety induction training at the start of a new job
  • As part of a work experience programme

Course overview

This course will give you a basic background and understanding of general health and safety practices and the control measures required to reduce risks in the workplace.

Key facts

  • Ideal induction to a job
  • Provides basic knowledge of what is required to support a safe working environment
  • Develop knowledge of the roles and responsibilities of employers and employees
  • Learn about the importance of health and safety
  • Identify typical workplace hazards and conditions that can affect you at work

The CIEH Foundation Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety supports businesses in their legal obligations to ensure employees are protected from harm.

This course is ideal for those who want to develop knowledge of health and safety issues in the workplace and the regulations for maintaining a healthy and safe working environment.

Who is this course for?

  • Suitable for individuals at all levels within employment
  • Employers looking for an induction or professional development course for employees

Course overview

This course will focus on common hazards and how to control them. It will help you work more safely and be more aware of how your own actions can affect the health and safety of others. It’s also a highly transferable skill that looks great on any CV.

Key facts

  • Ideal induction at the start of a new job
  • Understand your role and responsibilities in reducing risks and supporting health and safety in the working environment
  • Learn about risk profiling and its contribution to health and safety, incident reporting and emergency procedures

With a focus on the role of supervision, learners on this course will develop the essential knowledge and understanding to enable them to discharge health and safety responsibilities.

Upon completion of this course you will understand your roles and responsibilities for the health and safety of others, and be able to ensure the safety of your employees.

Who is this course for?

  • Managers and supervisors within a workplace
  • Learning and development coaches

Course overview

This course aims to provide managers and supervisors with a thorough understanding of the different aspects of health and safety in the workplace

Key facts

  • Updating and upskilling from previous learning
  • Offers management support
  • Learn about the importance of planning, risk profiling and organisational implementation of health and safety in occupational settings
  • Cover the monitoring, measurement and investigation processes required to comply with legislation

Looking for other courses?

We also offer a wide range of expertly designed environmental health training courses available both online, in-person or a blend of both.

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