Step-by-step guide

Your simple guide for the steps required to start delivering CIEH work-based training (download a PDF version).

This is a key requirement as your Accountable Officer is the person responsible within your organisation for the end-to-end training and assessment process. You will need to:

  1. Choose one person from within your organisation to become the Accountable Officer.
  2. The Accountable Officer will need to be a current CIEH member. You will be asked to enter the valid membership number in this application, so please have it available. Please note your CIEH membership number is different to a Trainer or Centre number.
  3. If you need a CIEH Membership, you can join for as little as £72.  
  4. Your membership application will be processed within a week after which the Accountable Officer will be issued with a membership number.

Once your Accountable Officer is a CIEH Member you will be able to fill in our training contract application.  

This is free and is valid from the date of acceptance. Please note the form must be completed in order to proceed with your application. 

You will need the following details to fill out the application form: 

  1. The name of your Accountable Officer and their valid CIEH membership number.
  2. An Administration Account email address for you and your designated staff to use, to gain access to CIEH work-based learning materials.

Once the application has been completed and submitted we will process this within a week.

If you are both the Contract Owner and Accountable Officer, CIEH will email the Administration Account email address you provided with your training contract.   

If you are the Contract Owner and have identified a separate Accountable Officer: 

  1. Once the application is submitted CIEH will email the Accountable Officer with an outline of the roles and responsibilities required for the position.
  2. The Accountable Officer will need to confirm they accept the roles and responsibilities by replying to the email stating they accept all the responsibilities.
  3. Upon receipt of the Accountable Officers email, CIEH will process and email the Administration Account with the training contract and login details for your online training portal.
  1. Once your appointed Contract Holder has received the training contract from CIEH via email, they should send an email clearly stating the Training Account Number and subject/s that you want the product licence for to [email protected] or call 020 7827 5800.  
  2. Product licences for each subject area cost £130.
  3. When your product licence/s request have been processed, your Administration Account Holder will receive a confirmation email from CIEH with a link to where you can access your course materials and curriculum/s.
Note that all CIEH Training Accounts delivering our First Aid at Work training programmes are subject to an annual compliance declaration. The Accountable Officer responsible for the Training Account must complete our online First Aid Compliance Declaration form (view a copy) before we are able to supply a licence.

Purchasing assessment credits, course books, certificate print credits and re-print credits:

To purchase assessment credits, course books and certificate print and re-print credits call our Contact Centre on 020 7827 5800, or email [email protected] and a member of staff will contact you to process your order within three days. Please note that we currently do not take orders online.

Delivering training and using your course credits:

  1. Once you have your course license/s you can start delivering training and can access the course materials in the ‘Work-based learning’ menu in the MyCIEH portal.
  2. Your assessment credits will be available for use within five minutes after your order has been processed with our Contact Centre.
  3. To use your assessment credits to run and submit exams, click on the ‘Assessment’ menu in your MyCIEH portal.
  4. Select the subject and level that you would like to deliver from the drop-down menus and select how many assessment credits you would like to use (e.g. two credits equals two assessments) and click ‘Submit’.
  5. Once you have selected the number of assessment credits you’re going to use, fill in the Exam Date and First/Last Name of those who will be taking the assessments and click ‘Checkout’ or ‘Print’.
  6. Once these assessments have been taken by the individuals, the results can be added and saved in the ‘Results’ menu.

Please remember that once assessment credits have been saved they won’t be available for another use, so if you want to change a name or date you’ll need to do so in the ‘Results’ menu.

  1. To add and save results in your online training portal click the ‘Results’ menu, select the subject, level and exam date, then add the details of those who took the assessment if not already completed (note these will be used on the certificate). If you wish to receive a printed certificate and have purchased print credits, tick the 'Printed Certificate' box. Then click ‘Submit’.
  2. A black and white PDF e-certificate will be generated for those who passed their assessment within 15 minutes of submitting their results. The PDF certificate/s can be found in the ‘Certificates’ menu and will be available in your account for 3 months.
  3. If an individual fails their assessment and needs to re-sit, this will require the use and cost of another assessment credit.
  4. If an individual cancelled their examination or did not take it you can select the ‘Did not attend’ option in the ‘Result’ drop down. The assessment credit will then be made available to use again.
  5. If you would like to get a printed certificate after the assessment results have been processed, you can request this at an extra cost from our Contact Centre.

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