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Become a CIEH volunteer

Share your knowledge. Get new skills. Make friends for life. It’s quick, easy and incredibly rewarding to become a CIEH volunteer.

At CIEH we have a vision of a world with safer, cleaner and healthier environments for all. The skills and competencies found within our professional community mean that environmental health professionals have a great deal to contribute to environmental and public health. Why not volunteer with us and help deliver our vision?

Whatever your professional experience, you will find lots of interesting opportunities to get involved with supporting our work. We welcome volunteering in lots of different ways so that you can offer what time you can in ways that suit you best. This could mean hosting a careers assembly in a local school, mentoring the next generation of environmental health professionals, or taking on a more formal role as an assessor, subject matter expert, committee member or Trustee.

These roles are vital in building a professional community for our members, passing knowledge and experience across the generations, preparing our future leaders for a lively and rewarding career, and playing a vital role in our policy work and governance.

Why volunteer with CIEH?

There are many reasons why people choose to volunteer with CIEH.

Senior environmental health professionals often talk about:

  • Making a difference in their community
  • Make new friends and connections
  • Using their skills and experience to give something back
  • Wanting to feel part of a community and connected to fellow professionals

If you’re starting out in your career, volunteering can help you:

  • Boost your CV
  • Learn new skills to enhance your career
  • Make valuable connections within the profession

What roles are there?

We have lots of roles to offer, depending on your experience, how much time you have available, and the flexibility you need. We will also be adding new roles to these in due course to support the President's Commission which will be looking out for new opportunities to engage and involve both the membership and the profession.

Our current volunteer roles include:

Other volunteer roles include:

We are always looking for individuals who can contribute to our webinars and social media discussions and help offer advice and assistance to other practitioners to make these vibrant and useful communities for all members.

We are also seeking volunteers to support the new registration route to professional registration. These roles include:

  • Assessors
  • Interview panel members
  • EHP Portfolio Appeals Board members
  • Assistance at interactive training days

Find out more about volunteer opportunities at CIEH

Email us at [email protected] or call (0)20 7827 5800

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