• Edwin Chadwick


              Edwin Chadwick publishes his landmark Report on the Sanitary Conditions of the Labouring Population of Great Britain.

            • Public Health Act 1848


              The Public Health Act 1848 is introduced. This establishes a General Board of Health and marks the first acceptance of responsibility for the health of the population by government.

            • John Snow


              John Snow removes the handle from the pump in Broad Street, Soho, during London’s outbreak of cholera.

            • The Public Health Act 1972


              The Public Health Act 1872 is introduced and makes the appointment of medical officers compulsory in urban areas.

            • Public Health Act 1875


              The Public Health Act 1875 establishes a coherent administrative machinery to deal with issues of health and sanitation locally. Local authorities are required to provide water, drainage and sewerage services.

            • 1883

              The Association of Public Sanitary Inspectors is founded.

            • Edwin Chadwick


              Edwin Chadwick is appointed as the first President of the Association.

            • 1886

              The Association’s first provincial meeting is held in Birmingham.

            • 1888

              Following a Special Meeting of the Association in July, the Association of Public Sanitary Inspectors became the Association of Public Sanitary Inspectors of Great Britain.

            • 1891

              The Association’s Certificate of Incorporation is granted by the Board of Trade, and its name is shortened to the Sanitary Inspectors Association.

            • The Sanitary Inspectors Journal


              The professional journal of the Sanitary Inspectors Association, the Sanitary Inspector’s Journal, is published.

            • 1899

              The Sanitary Inspectors’ Examination Board is incorporated.

            • Women sanitary inspector examining young girls


              The Women Sanitary Inspectors Association is formed.

            • Ministry of Health Act 1919


              The Ministry of Health is established.

            • 1926

              Formation of the Royal Sanitary Institute and Sanitary Inspectors Examination Joint Board.

            • 1953

              Report of the Working Party on the Recruitment, Training and Qualification of Sanitary Inspectors is published.

            • 1956

              Sanitary Inspectors (Change of Designation) Act – changed designation from ‘sanitary inspector’ to ‘public health inspector’.

            • 1957

              Following the change in designation granted by the Act of Parliament in August 1956, the members of the Sanitary Inspectors Association voted at an extraordinary general meeting on 11 January 1957 to change the name of the Association to The Association of Public Health Inspectors (APHI).

            • 1965

              First Annual Report on Environmental Health published by the Association.

            • 1974

              The Health and Safety at Work etc Act (1974) came into force in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

            • 1974

              The Control of Pollution Act (1974) came into force in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

                      • 1975

                        The APHI became the Environmental Health Officers Association (EHOA).

                      • Institution of Environmental Health Officers logo


                        The EHOA became the Institution of Environmental Health Officers (IEHO).

                      • CIEH Royal Charter


                        The IEHO is granted a Royal Charter by Her Majesty's Most Honourable Privy Council.

                      • Environmental Protection Act 1990


                        The Environmental Protection Act is introduced.

                      • CIEH logo


                        The IEHO was given consent by the Crown and the Privy Council to change its name to the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH).

                      • 2003

                        CIEH issues its first Chartered Environmental Health Practitioner award.

                      • UK/EU flag


                        The UK left the EU.

                      • A forest


                        The Environment Bill is introduced.

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