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POLLING DAY: CIEH manifesto has broad support

Candidates back plans including making FHRS mandatory in England and national landlord registration.
12 December 2019 , Katie Coyne

More than 100 candidates standing in today’s election from across the political spectrum have pledged support to the CIEH environmental health manifesto.

CIEH revealed that 112 prospective parliamentary candidates backed its manifesto, featuring seven key policies to improve health and the environment.

On food these included: committing to maintaining and improving food safety and standards as the UK leaves the EU; creating a new minster for food to oversee the National Food Strategy; and making FHRS display by food businesses in England mandatory.

Across housing it called for the introduction of a mandatory national registration scheme for landlords and agents in England, and to make energy efficiency a priority across all UK housing.

On the environment it wanted to see new transparent and independent environmental regulators for all UK nations, and a commitment to legally-binding air quality targets in line with World Health Organisation guidelines.

CIEH chief executive Anne Godfrey said: “It is great to see so many parliamentary candidates acknowledge the importance of environmental health and the essential role EHPs play in society.

“Our manifesto outlines the key steps necessary to safeguard our environment and improve our nation’s health. We look forward to working with those candidates who are successful to ensure that these are actively promoted at Westminster and in the devolved nations.

“We hope to see even more candidates pledge to support environmental health in the final day of this election campaign. We call on all political parties to commit to supporting environmental health and the policies in our manifesto.”

While backing for the manifesto has come from across the political parties strongest support from the three main parties has come from Labour, and the Lib Dems – but one Conservative candidate – and EHP and consultant – wants to go even further.

Richard Short, campaigning in Labour stronghold St Helens, Merseyside, has said the CIEH manifesto could be bolder. Short said if he got elected he would introduce a private member’s bill to create a government department for environmental health.

Short added: “My preference would be [that the] the government consider EH as a complete department. We could be a little bit bolder. Let’s have a secretary of state for environmental health. That’s the drum that I would be beating – to see environmental health first and centre.”

To receive the full list of candidates who back CIEH’s manifesto, email [email protected]

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