CIEH introduces new expert community

18 June 2018, Abigail Lammas, Executive Director of Learning & Professional Development

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Find out more about our brand new Partner Network initiative

To support a range of planned investments in new products, services, research and policy initiatives, CIEH is beginning a significant recruitment campaign for independent experts.

The CIEH Partner Network, pitched as a community of hand-picked experts from both within and outside of the environmental health profession, aims to give the organisation access to a wider range of specialists and subject-matter experts, in areas ranging from product development to e-learning design, policy experts and industry spokespeople.

Anne Godfrey, chief executive of CIEH, explained: “We’ve got an ambitious agenda for 2018 and beyond, investing in a range of exciting new developments to benefit members, learners and employers alike. But we also recognise that we can’t do this alone. We’re committed to collaborating with the best and brightest talent from across the environmental health community and beyond. To make this a reality, we’ve created the CIEH Partner Network – a community of experts invited to work shoulder-to-shoulder with us to make a lasting difference to our profession.”

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"We’re committed to collaborating with the best and brightest talent"

Ms Godfrey explained that the professional body is asking its members to help share the recruitment effort among their own networks, to cast the net for potential partners as far and wide as possible.

She commented: “We know that our members are connected and committed members of the environmental health community. We’re hopeful they can help us to reach the best and the brightest experts to help us to deliver on our ambitions for the year ahead, and beyond.”

Successful applicants to join the CIEH Partner Network will be offered first access to a range of advisory, training and consulting projects, as well as profile through CIEH’s website and social media channels. Expressions of interest are now invited, and the recruitment campaign can be followed, shared and supported on social media with the hashtag #CIEHpartners.

More information can be found on our Partner Network web page or by emailing [email protected].