CIEH Encouraged by Lib Dem Manifesto Focus on Environmental Health

20 November 2019, Ross Matthewman

CIEH has welcomed the Liberal Democrat Party manifesto for its recognition of the key issues vital to environmental health.

The Party’s manifesto made a number of pledges on essential policy recommendations championed in CIEH’s own Manifesto for Environmental Health.

Amongst these commitments is a guarantee that the new Office of Environmental Protection should be fully independent and able to force compliance with targets, a pledge to introduce a new Clean Air Act to tackle the UK’s growing air pollution crisis, and substantial commitments to improving the energy efficiency of the nation’s homes.

Anne Godfrey, CIEH Chief Executive, said:

“We are pleased to see the Liberal Democrat manifesto encompass a range of key policy proposals which are part of our current campaigns.

From a truly impactful Office of Environmental Protection, to energy efficient and warmer homes, we are encouraged by their commitment to the policies essential to environmental health.

We will continue to assess all political party manifestos against the policies laid out in our own flagship manifesto and their support for environmental health.”


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