CIEH Welcomes Green Party Commitment to Energy Efficiency and Ending Fuel Poverty

21 November 2019, Ross Matthewman

CIEH has welcomed the commitments in the Green Party manifesto to ensuring warm and energy efficient homes and ending fuel poverty.

The Party’s manifesto made a number of pledges on issues CIEH has been consistently campaigning on, such as housing standards, energy efficiency, air quality and food safety.

Amongst the Party’s commitments is a new Clean Air Act, the creation of an Environmental Protection Commission, and a Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard escalator to improve energy efficiency in the private rented sector.

The Party has also committed to maintaining environmental and food standards in any new trade deal the UK strikes with third countries.

Anne Godfrey, CIEH Chief Executive, said:

“There are some very promising pledges in the Green party manifesto that closely mirror the policy proposals in our own Manifesto for Environmental Health.

We were delighted to see the cast-iron commitment to making the elimination of fuel poverty, and the promotion of energy efficiency, national infrastructure priorities.

It is also heartening to see their pledge to maintain the UK’s food and environmental standards as part of any future trade deal.

We continue to call on all political parties to commit to supporting environmental health and the policies in our manifesto.”


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