CIEH Welcomes Northern Ireland Manifestos

11 December 2019, Ross Matthewman

CIEH has welcomed the manifesto commitments from the political parties in Northern Ireland, noting a promising focus on key environmental health issues.

Anne Godfrey, CIEH Chief Executive, said:

“We welcome the manifestos from all the main parties in Northern Ireland. It is not surprising that Brexit is the main issue, across all the party manifestos, given its huge significance within Northern Ireland.

However, we are particularly pleased that several of the parties have pledged support for many of the key environmental health issues highlighted within our own Manifesto for Environmental Health.

In particular, we welcome the fact that all parties have committed support for climate action and urgent action on carbon reduction. The Alliance Party has detailed proposals, and highly ambitious targets, whilst the SDLP has committed to put sustainable development at the heart of all policy making.

Across the board there appears to be a recognition of the need to maintain food and environmental standards in Northern Ireland; something we have campaigned for passionately.

We support the Ulster Unionist’s proposals around housing, in particular their proposals on energy efficiency.

Regardless of the outcome of the general election there are significant environmental health challenges ahead and we look forward to working with all parties in Northern Ireland.”

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