Review of Food Chain a Vital Step towards Security and Sustainability

28 June 2019, Ross Matthewman

Responding to the announcement of an independent review to consider the UK’s food chain, CIEH has strongly welcomed the review as vital for our country’s food security and sustainability.

The independent review into the food chain from field to fork, being chaired by the co-founder of Leon restaurants, Henry Dimbleby, will then be used by government to develop a National Food Strategy for England.

Gary McFarlane, Northern Ireland Director at CIEH, said:

“CIEH very much welcomes the announcement to review the entire UK food system, and the appointment of Henry Dimbleby to lead the process.

We believe that this review, and more importantly the recommendations and actions that will arise from it, are critical to the future sustainability of not only the food system on these islands, but equally importantly the future food security of our communities.

It is imperative that we ensure that our food system is environmentally, socially, and economically, sustainable, as well as resilient given the future challenges we are likely to face.

CIEH’s members are right at the heart of our country’s food system ensuring the safety, standards, and quality, of the food that we produce and consume. We stand ready to facilitate and engage their expertise and insight to the process.”

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