Spending Review a Missed Opportunity

05 September 2019, Ross Matthewman

Responding to yesterday’s Spending Review, CIEH has welcomed aspects of the Government’s Review, but lamented a lack of focus on the environment and food.

Tamara Sandoul, Policy Manager at CIEH, said:

“There are some positive measures within the Spending Review, but environmental issues seem to have been sidelined.

We very much welcome the £3.5bn package of funding for local services, and particularly the £24m additional funding to continue the building safety programme to ensure that all high-rise buildings are made safe in terms of fire safety.

However, this Review has simply not taken the steps needed to begin properly addressing some of the key environmental issues our country is facing. Although there is some funding for the decarbonisation of bus services, there is concerningly little on the wider measures needed to tackle the growing air pollution crisis.

In addition, with Brexit casting a shadow over the UK’s food industry, the Government has again been unable to provide clarity to our farmers and our local authorities about the funding to maintain our food production and food chains.

With the Government’s flagship Environment Bill constantly being delayed, this was a chance for the new administration to show leadership in improving our environment and protecting our food supply. This opportunity seems to have been missed.”

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