CIEH welcomes commitments in “Green Industrial Revolution”

18 November 2020, Ross Matthewman

CIEH has welcomed the UK Government's environmental commitments contained within the “Green Industrial Revolution” package. 

The Prime Minister's 10-point plan, designed to tackle climate change and create up to 250,000 jobs in green industries, covers a commitment on a range of issues such as nuclear power, public transport, offshore wind, and energy efficiency. 

Notably, the Government has also pledged that new cars and vans powered wholly by petrol and diesel will not be sold in the UK from 2030, although some hybrids will still be allowed. Something that CIEH has been consistently campaigning for. 

However, there are already questions about the funding required to support the development of these new industries and to ensure that the UK meets these significant commitments. 

Tamara Sandoul, Policy and Campaigns Manager at CIEH, said: 

“We very much welcome the Government’s commitments and especially the announcement that sales of petrol and diesel cars will cease from 2030. We have long called for this date to be brought forward from the original timeline of 2035. 

We also welcome further focus and funding to make all homes more energy efficient. These initiatives taken together will mean that people’s health will be protected, both at home and outside. 

Most importantly, these initiatives should help to stimulate the creation of more skilled green jobs at a time when our economy needs a boost.

However, there are reports that the energy efficiency measures are not being taken up quickly enough by households due to a shortage of installers signing up to the Chancellor’s Green Homes scheme. We need to ensure that people who are at risk of fuel poverty and excess cold in the home this winter can access the support they need.”

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