CIEH welcomes role for Environmental Health Practitioners in new COVID-19 guidance

25 March 2020, Ross Matthewman

CIEH has welcomed the role outlined for Environmental Health Practitioners (EHPs) in new government guidance issued today on fighting COVID-19.

The Government had previously announced that from 24 March all retailers that sell non-essential goods and other non-essential premises must close with immediate effect.

The newly issued guidance notes that legislation to implement the requirements for closure of all retailers that sell non-essential goods and other non-essential premises is currently undergoing parliamentary process.

The Secretary of State has now designated all local authorities and their appointed officers to enforce the Regulations. The guidance anticipates that environmental health and trading standards services within Councils will be responsible for implementing the requirements in respect of business closures.

Debbie Wood, CIEH Executive Director for Membership and External Affairs, said:

“We strongly welcome the Government’s appreciation of the unique role and contribution EHPs can make in supporting efforts to fight COVID-19 through enforcing business closures.

EHPs are highly skilled and possess extensive knowledge of the situation on the ground. We are proud that the Government has recognised their expertise.

Although there will be further information on this in due course, ascribing EHPs a key role in enforcement is a very positive step.

We encourage members of the public to get in touch with their local environmental health team if they are concerned that a premises is flouting these new regulations.”


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