Government must use environment bill to tackle air pollution

27 January 2020, Ross Matthewman

CIEH has demanded that the Government use their flagship Environment Bill to make tangible progress in tackling our country’s air pollution crisis.

Centre for Cities released their report this morning, emphasising the impact that poor air quality is having on people's lives in urban areas. They attribute one pollutant, PM2.5, as a cause of more than one in 19 deaths in the UK's largest cities and towns.

The Government’s long-awaited Environment Bill looks set to be brought back to the House of Commons this week. The Bill covers such vital areas as air quality, water, biodiversity, and the new Office of Environmental Protection; designed to maintain environmental standards after the UK has left the EU.

Tamara Sandoul, Policy and Campaigns Manager at CIEH, said:

“CIEH has campaigned vocally for the Government to take our country’s air pollution crisis seriously, and strongly welcomed the introduction last year of the Government’s Environment Bill as a vehicle for action.

Today’s disturbing report only hammers home the message that something needs to be done and done urgently.

There are a number of areas where the Bill can be strengthened; legally binding air pollution targets, resources for local authorities, and a truly independent Office of Environmental Protection.

We look forward to continuing to work with the Government, and partner organisations in the Healthy Air Campaign, to shape this vital piece of legislation.”


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