CIEH urges caution over planning reforms in Queen’s Speech

05 May 2021, Ross Matthewman

Following reports that planning reform will be at the heart of the UK Government’s upcoming Queen’s Speech, CIEH has urged caution and called for significant changes to previous proposals.

The Government set out their plans for wholesale changes to the planning system in the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government’s (MHCLG) Planning for the future consultation that concluded last winter.  

The consultation outlined reforms of the planning system to streamline and modernise the planning process, bring a new focus to design and sustainability, improve the system of developer contributions to infrastructure, and ensure more land is available for development where it is needed.

With the Government now looking to push ahead with planning reform, CIEH has again raised serious concerns over a number of areas in the proposals, most notably relating to public engagement, permitted development, and local authority resources. CIEH issued a parliamentary briefing to MPs and Peers in November outlining the key issues with the proposals.

CIEH has also called on the UK Government to finally commit to passing their much-delayed Environment Bill, and to introducing legislation to regulate the cosmetic industry.

Last year, CIEH published two flagship reports on regulating cosmetic treatments in England. A Fragmented Picture highlighted the glaring disparities and gaps that exist for regulating cosmetic treatments across the UK. The second report, The Ugly Side of Beauty, revealed the findings of a survey of regulators in England, who are responsible for keeping the public safe, and the serious gaps they still see in protections.

As a result of these concerning findings, CIEH is campaigning for an England-wide licensing scheme for cosmetic treatments, and will soon be launching action with partners across the sector to call for immediate action.

Julie Barratt, CIEH President, said:

“Although we welcome the Government’s aim to improve the current planning system, we have highlighted a number of serious concerns with the Government’s proposals as they currently stand. 

Whilst attempts to improve the efficiency of the planning system are commendable, it cannot be done through shutting out community engagement, by waiving through unsuitable conversions, or by encouraging inappropriate decisions by penalising local authorities.  Most importantly, the health of future occupiers needs to feature more in the proposals.

Housing that contributes to the health and wellbeing of the nation will help to reduce costs to the NHS and to society in the long term. It is vital that we get this right.

We are also continuing to call on the Government to pass their flagship Environment Bill once and for all, and to stop the questionable can-kicking that seems to have accompanied its slow progress.

Finally, the Queen’s Speech is the perfect chance for the Government to demonstrate their commitment to tackling the shocking public health concerns around the currently unregulated cosmetics industry.

We look forward to working closely with government on these key issues.”

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