CIEH announces Member Representative to sit on new UK BAT Advisory Group

15 November 2022, Ciaran Donaghy

CIEH is delighted to announce the appointment of one of its members to sit alongside the organisation on the new Defra Advisory Group on the development of Best Available Techniques (BAT) with respect to Air Quality, which held its inaugural meeting yesterday.

CIEH member David Carr is the Lead Scientific Officer at Dacorum Borough Council as well as the Chair of Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Neighbouring Authorities Local Air Quality Forum. Following a short selection process from applications of members on CIEH’s Environmental Protection Advisory Panel, David was selected to sit alongside CIEH to represent the views of members as it looks to shape the new UK BAT regime.

Membership of the UK BAT Advisory Group is compiled of representatives from Industry and trade associations, NGOs, academia, as well as local authority representatives. Working closely with these groups, CIEH is committed to contributing towards developing a regime which promotes good public and environmental health.

“Best Available Techniques” means the economically and technically viable techniques which are best for preventing or minimising emissions and impacts on the environment.

The UK introduced an integrated approach to controlling pollution to air, water, and land in the Environmental Protection Act 1990, as well as the concept of Best Available Techniques. These approaches have subsequently been adopted and applied across the EU through the Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control Directive and subsequent Industrial Emissions Directive (IED), which sets challenging industry standards for the most polluting industries.

Following the UK’s exit from the European Union, the UK Government, Scottish Government, Welsh Government, and the Department of Agriculture, Environmental and Rural Affairs in Northern Ireland, are now working together to develop a future regime for the development of Best Available Techniques within the UK.

This is an exciting opportunity for CIEH to be deeply involved in shaping regulatory frameworks that have a direct, material impact on environmental and public health.

Dr Phil James, Chief Executive at the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, said:

“We are delighted that David has agreed to sit alongside CIEH as we start this vital work in shaping the new UK BAT regime.

We are committed to putting our members front and centre of our influencing work, and in supporting their direct engagement with government and stakeholders where possible

David is a valued member of our Environmental Protection Advisory Panel which is a valuable resource in shaping and informing CIEH policy in this area and will bring a wealth of experience and expertise to this work.

The links between air quality and public health are well known with the 2021 WHO guidelines on air quality highlighting how harmful poor air quality is to both environmental and public health.

CIEH are always looking for opportunities to influence government policymaking to improve environmental and public health. It is vital that CIEH have a seat at the table as the UK shapes the new BAT regime and are delighted to bring our members with us as we get stuck into this work together.”

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