CIEH supports School Materials on Food Safety and Hygiene for Years 1-6

03 March 2022, Heidi Douglas-Osborn

CIEH has supported the development of teaching resources designed to educate primary school children about food safety and hygiene.

Food safety is an area that affects all our lives, underlining the importance of teaching and understanding good food hygiene at an early age.

CIEH’s materials have been designed by food teacher and leader in Food Education programmes, Haydn Bettles, who has simplified these complex topic areas for a younger audience.  

These visual resources will help teachers build upon other lessons already covered in classes, helping young learners to take in and digest food safety and hygiene, and satisfy the core competences for children and young people aged 5-16 years as set out by the Food Standards Agency (FSA). The use of easy-to-understand cartoons and age-appropriate vocabulary will help them grasp important information and inspire learning about these essential life skills.

Each lesson contains a PowerPoint presentation with learning objectives for the areas covered. They also include quizzes, whole class games, crosswords and word jumbles which can be tailored to  individual learners. The child-friendly and visual learning tools will allow children to understand important topics such as What are germs? and What are food allergies and food intolerances? while also reinforcing good practices such as handwashing.

Dr Phil James, CIEH Chief Executive, said:

These stimulating resources will provide children with knowledge that will be relevant for the rest of their lives, helping keep them aware and safe. Creating these materials not only gives teachers an easy-to-use resource but will hopefully inspire children to learn more about environmental health and potential areas of risk.

We look forward to promoting these resources and supporting Haydn in this important educational pursuit.”

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