CIEH Welcome IPPR Report Linking Energy Efficiency with Levelling Up

21 September 2022, Ciaran Donaghy

CIEH has welcomed a report from the Institute of Public Policy Research (IPPR) which links energy efficiency measures and levelling up.

IPPR have drawn up a 28-year plan at an annual cost of £7 billion to deliver energy saving measures in an effort to support the very worst-off households with soaring energy bills.

CIEH welcomes the report which claims that such proposals can be a key strategic lever in the UK government’s efforts to ‘level up’ the country by improving some of the poorest insulated homes while delivering thousands of jobs across the country.

Luke Murphy, Associate Director for the energy, climate change, housing, and infrastructure team at IPPR called the move a “no-brainer” and said “it’s hard to think of another intervention that could deliver on so many objectives at the same time”

This report echoes previous calls from the CIEH that introducing energy efficiency measures can both support vulnerable households and tackle climate change.

Ross Matthewman, Head of Policy and Campaigns at the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, said:

“CIEH have long been urging the UK government to introducing energy efficiency measures as a means of both protecting millions of households from falling into fuel poverty, cutting the UK’s carbon emissions, while also levelling up the country.

We welcome the research from IPPR which bears this out and support their calls for the UK government to introduce these measures as a matter of urgency.

Targeted energy efficiency measures can support the most vulnerable households with their energy bills in the immediate term. However, a national housing retrofit programme in the long-term can create thousands of jobs across the country thus supporting the levelling up agenda all while helping to contribute towards Net-Zero.”

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