What are the CIEH Advisory Panels?

The CIEH Advisory Panels provide member-led insight, evidence and advice on policy and campaigning activity. Open to all CIEH members, these pivotal positions offer a platform to collaboratively shape policies, pioneer campaigns, and engage in networking events.

From 2024, there will be six advisory panels:

  • Environmental Protection Advisory Panel
  • Food Advisory Panel
  • Health and Safety Advisory Panel
  • Housing Advisory Panel
  • Port Health Advisory Panel (new for 2024)
  • Public Health Advisory Panel (new for 2024)

What does being on a panel involve?

As a panel member, your informed perspectives will be instrumental in propelling the profession forward, advocating for critical issues, and crafting tools that empower environmental health professionals. Not only will you advise and guide CIEH to fulfil its core mission, but you'll also have the chance to represent us in working groups, contribute to Environmental Health News (EHN), and help to enrich our conference and events programme.

The engagements are thoughtfully designed to accommodate your professional commitments while rewarding your contributions with self-reported CPD and exclusive benefits at CIEH conferences. Your expertise is crucial to fostering a safer, cleaner, and healthier environment for all.

Student Advisory Panel Coordinator roles

As part of our commitment to broadening member engagement on these panels, we are excited to offer our student members the opportunity to join our Advisory Panels. Each one of our six Advisory Panels is recruiting one Student Advisory Panel Coordinator.

  • Promote and amplify the impactful work of our panels within your network on social media, as well as our member magazine EHN, helping to raise awareness and foster interest in environmental health issues.
  • Support with research and events, gaining insider insights and contributing to the success of panel initiatives.
  • Network with experienced professionals, engaging in panel projects alongside experienced practitioners tackling policy issues that really matter to the profession.
  • Liaise with the Student Community, acting as a pivotal link between current practitioners and future professionals as well as others on the student journey, bringing new ideas and energy to the panels.
  • Support the CIEH Policy lead, and Panel Secretariat discharge their duties in respect of convening meetings
  • Support promoting the work of the Advisory Panels to the wider membership on social media
  • Engage with the student membership on the work of our panels via our 'New to the Profession' Coffee Catch Up events

This volunteer role does not require you to be an expert; rather, it is a platform for you to grow, contribute, and collaborate with leading professionals in various Environmental Health specialties.

“Participating in CIEH advisory panels has been an invaluable professional experience through my membership in our professional body. It provides the opportunity to shape the organisation's perspectives on professional matters, future directions, resource allocation, and activities. If you are passionate about CIEH, public health, and our remarkable profession, I strongly encourage you to consider applying for membership in one or more of these panels.”
Diana Tumova MSc CEnvH Grad.IOSH, Food Safety EHO

How can I get involved?

We are seeking members to join the panels from across all sectors, all points in their career journey and across all nations. We are keen to create panels with diverse perspectives so are looking to engage with EHPs working within local authorities, in the private sector or in academia from England, Wales and Northern Ireland and potentially further afield.

General applications

Applications to all Advisory Panels are on an ongoing basis. To apply, please complete a general application form.

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EHN special editions

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