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Last chance to shape the work of CIEH

Deadline for workforce surveys is looming.
11 November 2020 , Katie Coyne

EDIT: the deadline has now been extended to 30 November

CIEH’s workforce surveys – which cover the whole profession and will help illustrate the importance and value EH offers to society – close for entries on Friday (13 November)

Data collected will be used to learn more about the needs of EHPs so the organisation can improve its services and offering, and help it campaign for more funding and resources. 

This is the first CIEH workforce analysis for six years, and the last one covered only local authorities. This time two surveys are being run, one for public sector EHPs and another for EHPs in the private and third sectors. The deadline for completion for both is Friday 13 November.

Tamara Sandoul, policy and campaigns manager, has written a blog where you can find out more and complete the surveys. 

Sandoul said: “We appreciate that this is not an ordinary year and that teams are under unprecedented pressure as a consequence of the pandemic, however there is never a good time to run a survey like this. 

“The profession is finally being noticed and recognised by government, and we believe that this is due to the pragmatic and proportionate approach adopted by EHPs around the country.

"So to enable us to be more effective at promoting and championing the profession, we need better insight into the EH workforce.”

Complete the local authority workforce survey here.

Complete the survey for non-local authority EHPs here.

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