Member Forum Events: FAQs

There are currently three types of events which fall under this category:

  • Coffee catch ups - Informal member led discussions and networking opportunities. Events usually take place quarterly for each of the technical disciplines in environmental health
  • Member engagement forums - These events usually take place to collect member views on government consultations and any other issues where a platform for member debates and discussions are required
  • CIEH Conversations - Q&A platform with a panel providing members with an opportunity to engage with subject experts on hot topics or special interest areas of environmental health

The informal regional hubs were introduced as a concept in 2017 to replace the more formal CIEH Regions, and previously Centres and Branches, that existed prior to them. Like their predecessors, at that time there was a need for a model of CIEH Member events that were based on geography since events were all face to face and therefore, in terms of accessibility, limited to those who could reasonably travel to them, particularly for short (1-2 hour) events.

There is no longer the need to operate in a geographically specific way for most member forum events, with the exception of member engagement forums that are about policy matters that relate to either England, Wales or Northern Ireland specifically where we would need to determine the views of CIEH members in the relevant region.

Absolutely. We really want all and any of these member Forum Events to be shaped by our members. We need ideas for topics and contributors, as well as help with online facilitation etc. So there is plenty to still get involved in.

Please send an email to [email protected] or contact the chair of the event directly.

As we focus on delivering a programme of virtual events, there are no current plans for us to deliver face-to-face member forum events.

We are committed to at least 12 member Forum Events each year.

The frequency of other events will vary. Member engagement Forums are as required. CIEH Conversations are likely to be less frequent than the Coffee catch ups.

Most of the member forum style events are currently hosted on either Zoom or BigMarker. However, there are platform reviews currently taking place and this may change in the future.

Attendees who can be identified as attending the events are credited with the relevant amount of CPD. The best way of ensuring that you receive this is to make sure that your full name is visible on the relevant platform (usually Zoom or BigMarker) before entering the event waiting room.

Coffee catch up is the brand name for events that support the CIEH Communities (currently Food, Health & Safety, Environmental Protection, Housing, Port health and those who are new to the profession). They are fully professional and also attract CPD. Whilst the events are mostly informal, they are member-led and provide an opportunity for members with a common interest to connect and discuss current topics and share best practice.

If you are signed up through MyCIEH to one of the CIEH Communities and receive Community Newsletters, these will include details of future events.

Events are also included in the weekly Member Connect newsletter that all members receive if they have elected to do so. And finally, details will be posted in the events section of the CIEH website.

Recordings of past member forum events are available to watch on demand via MyCIEH.

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