CIEH's advisory panels are set up across six key areas of work. Our Port Health Advisory Panel helps us to form our policy positions, advises us on consultation responses and submissions as well as feeding in a source of expertise and knowledge to our policy work and campaigns.

Strategic objectives

We are working with our Port Health Advisory Panel on strategic objectives. These will be published once finalised.

Panel members

Name Job title Employer
Martin Walker Independent Points of Entry Specialist Self-employed
Anthony Baldock Corporate Director (Health and Wellbeing) Ashford Borough Council
Dr Joseph Senyah Senior Environmental Health Practitioner (retired) London Borough of Hillingdon (former)
Fiona Quinn Head of Environmental Services and Port Health East Suffolk Council
Fiona Gomes Senior Health Protection Practitioner UK Health Security Agency
Diana Tumova Food safety EHO London Borough of Camden
Mark Ball Global Head of Public Affairs Syngenta Group
Emily Barton Head of Public Health Carnival Corporation
Peter Haikin Consultant Smarter Regulation
Claire Howard Graduate Environmental Health Practitioner North West Leicestershire District Council
John Ambrose Retired Port Health Officer Retired
Aikaterini Karouzou Public Health / Environmental Health and Safety Advisor Ministry of Education
Elliot Johnson Public Health Officer Carnival Corporation
Manuel José Fernandes Senior Environmental Health Officer Mid Sussex District Council
Simon Fuller Port Health Manager Isle of Anglesey County Council
Timothy Bage Assistant Director - Port Health City of London Corporation (London Port Health Authority)
Helen Buckingham Regulatory Consultant Self-employed

What we're doing

What we're saying

Key messages

  • Environmental Health Practitioners (EHPs) play a critical role in mitigating the risks posed by illegal food imports, serving as both the first (at our ports and borders) and second (in LA food safety teams and within organisations) lines of defence against these risks. Their work spans:
    • At ports and borders: EHPs are instrumental in inspecting and intercepting illegal imports, ensuring that only safe, compliant products enter the UK market.
    • In local authority food safety teams: EHPs conduct rigorous food sampling at premises, a key activity in identifying and addressing risks posed by illegally imported products that may have entered the supply chain.
    • Within organisations: EHPs also work internally within organisations to maintain the integrity of their supply chains, ensuring that all products meet the UK's stringent food safety standards.
  • CIEH advocates for sustained and adequate funding, support, and resources. There is a pressing need for sustainable funding models, potentially self-financed or alternative mechanisms, to ensure that the costs levied on importers do not adversely affect the industry or limit consumer access to healthy food options.
  • CIEH reiterates the need for greater recognition, funding, and support for Environmental Health professionals. As the UK navigates the complexities of illegal food imports and their public health implications, empowering EH services with the necessary resources are imperative for maintaining the safety and integrity of our food supply chain.
  • CIEH wish to promote the fact that EHOs can fulfil the responsibilities carried out by OVs in respect of post-mortem POAO check across various food sectors. This dual capacity presents a significant opportunity, particularly considering that Great Britain stands as the primary source of EHOs. By recognising this, we can address the concerning depletion of OVs within the EU and globally. This is not a replacement of OVs at our ports and borders but supplementing their falling numbers.
  • CIEH argues that exiting the EU has meant lost access to vital intelligence about risks presented by imported SPS goods to biosecurity, food safety, public and animal health. The UK now must build its own intelligence networks.

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