CIEH's advisory panels are set up across six key areas of work. Our Public Health Advisory Panel helps us to form our policy positions, advises us on consultation responses and submissions as well as feeding in a source of expertise and knowledge to our policy work and campaigns.

Strategic objectives

We are working with our Public Health Advisory Panel on strategic objectives. These will be published once finalised.

Panel Members

Name Job title Employer
Moses Ikpeme Senior Lecturer in Public Health Swansea University
Roberta Borges Stewart Public Health Principal - Health Protection & Healthcare Public Health West Northamptonshire Council
Graeme Snell Head of Consultancy Shield Safety
Fiona Quinn Head of Environmental Services and Port Health East Suffolk Council
Fiona Gomes Senior Health Protection Practitioner UK Health Security Agency
Helen Stott Head of Health Protection (Public Health) Wirral Council
Rachel Flowers Director of Public Health London Borough of Croydon
Emily Barton Head of Public Health Carnival Corporation
Peter Haikin Consultant Smarter Regulation
Kristian James Principal Environmental Public Health Specialist Public Health Wales
Joanna Seymour Director of Partnerships and Development Warm Wales
Aikaterini Karouzou Public Health / Environmental Health and Safety Advisor Ministry of Education
Elliot Johnson Public Health Officer Carnival Corporation
Tony Keenan Environmental Health Officer Ministry of Defence
Safia Khokhar Head of Public Health Culture and Development / Senior Public Health Strategist – Mental Health Westminster City Council
Rob Couch Public Health Officer Department of Public Health, Bedford Borough, Central Bedfordshire & Milton Keynes City Councils
Jennifer Nugent Environmental Health Officer Knowsley Council
Kal Ifegwu Environmental Health Officer Dacorum Borough Council
Penelope Cresswell-Jones Specialty Registrar in Public Health Public Health Wales
Myer Glickman Head of Climate and Global Health Office for National Statistics
Thurza Graham Senior Environmental Health Officer Bradford Metropolitan District Council
Laura Robertson Emergency Response Lead Public Health Hertfordshire County Council
Michael Studden Retired EHP Retired
Anna Carson Senior Environmental Health Officer Wakefield Council

What we're doing

What we're saying

Key messages

  • CIEH argue for the enhanced integration of Environmental Health in the Public Health workforce.
  • CIEH argue for the need for increased visibility and awareness of Environmental Health’s role in wider public health protection.
  • CIEH promote the financial and societal value of Environmental Health, arguing that Environmental Health plays a vital role in promoting economic prosperity by alleviating the pressure on the NHS and reducing lost productivity by preventing avoidable illnesses.
  • CIEH support increased funding to support regulatory and public health functions in local authorities.
  • CIEH advocate for the establishment of a new role in England of a Chief Environmental Health Officer to mirror roles already in place in other UK nations.
  • CIEH believes that mental health is an integral part of environmental health, and we will continue to work with our members, partners and stakeholders to advocate for better policies and practices that support both.
  • Our members, as environmental health professionals, are at the forefront of addressing health related challenges. It is vital that we connect the dots across the various aspects of Environmental Health to improve overall health as well as mental health and wellbeing.
  • We know that tackling climate change and providing health benefits come hand in hand. Environmental health practitioners are a skilful and experienced group of professionals that are an essential part of the infrastructure necessary to address environmental and health-related targets. 
  • Climate change is the single biggest policy issue facing policymakers today and has a particular impact on both public and environmental health. Whether in ensuring the security of our food supply chains, monitoring air pollution, or ensuring we have strong water quality standards, Environmental Health professionals are at the front line of the climate crisis and have a vital part to play in communicating the impact climate change is having on environmental and public health.
  • CIEH argue that economic growth and environmental/public health are not mutually exclusive. Effective regulation should enable business innovation while safeguarding public health and the environment. CIEH argues that investments in environmental health improvements not only enhance public health but also contribute to economic growth. CIEH is calling for more integrated decision making across nature, people, society, and the economy. A healthy, more equal society is the cornerstone of a thriving economy.
  • CIEH argue that Environmental health professionals form part of the core and wider public health workforce – playing a unique and often hidden role within preventative public health protection.
  • CIEH believes that the government’s ‘smarter regulation’ proposals could undermine the vital role of environmental health professionals in protecting public health, safety and wellbeing, and the environment.
  • CIEH are concerned with this government’s perceived deregulatory approach and believe that 'smarter regulation' should not become a mask for reducing necessary environmental health protections

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